Technical Roadshow Hits Ballarat

Free event — 3 Nov 2016 6.00 - 9.00pm

Come along and meet members of the VACC Technical Team

On the night:

• Live demonstrations of the new Tech Online platform and the Tech Cloud
• How to navigate over 500,000 printable pages of new European technical information
• An insight into the ongoing investment in the largest known automotive technical library
• Access to service and repair information
• Have you say about your technical information needs

To register your attendance at this free VACC event, please contact the Skills Development Centre on 03 9829 1126.


VTE Workshop Series #5 - Body Engineering 2/2

SAE-A Event Program — 5 Oct 2016

With thanks to the Suncorp Group for their support of the workshops, the second in the two-part series on body engineering will provide attendees with a unique insight into the latest developments in automotive body engineering.

Lightweight Body Technology
Carbon fiber, aluminium: what is their place in the future of car body engineering? Presented by Edith Cowan University

Body Structure
Key developments in car body structure and how it is changing. What this will mean for the industry. A case study of the new Lincoln body structure will be featured. Presented by Ford Motor Company

Spare Parts
The impact using non-original parts has on a crash. Presented by Holden

New technology in joining processes. Arc, beam, Resistance, and solid state welding, hybrid joining etc. Using the right technique for the right job. Presented by Kemppi

OEM technologies and colour trends in the automotive industry. What is out there, what will we see and how do we need to treat each variety? Presented by PPG Paints

Vehicle Modifications
How to approach repairing a modified vehicle. Presented by Talk Torque Automotive

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Ideal for:
  • Those involved in the body repair industry
  • Assessors
  • Design engineers
  • Road authorities.


0830hrs          Registrations open — coffee, tea & biscuits
0900hrs          Presentations begin
1045hrs          Morning tea
1105hrs          Presentations continue
1220hrs          Lunch
1300hrs          Presentations continue
1510hrs          Afternoon tea
1530hrs          Presentations continue
1630hrs          Event concludes.

To find out more contact Greg Maratos on 0403 267 166 or in the office on (03) 9676 9568.

This Workshop will also be available as a Live Online Webinar (discounted by 10%).

Cancellation Policy: No refunds given, however a substitute attendee may be nominated.

SAE look forward to your attendance!


Intermediate Auto Electrical Evening Workshops

Participants at the Intermediate Auto Electrical Course at Ballarat


Intermediate Auto Electrical Workshop Ballarat

13 September 2016, 6.00pm - 9.00pm


Intermediate Auto Electrical Evening Workshops

Last night's workshop in Geelong


Automotive Certificate III Qualifications

Government subsidies available — to find your individual cost, please phone on 03 9829 1126

New Training Complaints Hotline - 13 38 73

Although the large majority of providers are doing the right thing, there are still a small number who are taking people for a ride.

If you have had a first-hand experience with such a training provider, or been aggressively approached by people selling courses, get their business card, write down names, business details, phone numbers, email addresses, collect any flyers and contact the Training Complaints Hotline. Better still, before making a complaint why don't you give the Skills Development Centre a call so that we can assist you in registering your complaint to ensure you get a satisfactory outcome.

Click here for the Media Release about the new Hotline.

Industry Skills Fund - Growth Stream - 13 28 46

The Federal Government has released the first stage of the Industry Skills Fund – Growth Stream. The Fund will aims provide up to 200,000 training places and support services over four years, the fund is for SME’s and microbusinesses. Businesses and consortiums can apply. You can benefit from funding for skills advice and training grants and you will be required to co-contribute, the extent of which depends on the size of your business.

For more information about the fund and the application process, click here.

If you would like any assistance with unpacking this information, or in making an application, please contact us.  

Beware of Scam by Training Providers Selling Free Trade Paper Upgrades!

"If your trade papers predate 2001 or 1999, the law has changed and you cannot perform roadworthies" - This is untrue

"The law requires everyone in your business to have a current certificate III qualification" - This is also untrue

"The Government is updating their register of mechanics" - This is also untrue, there is no such register

This is what a couple of organisations are saying to members in order to get them to sign up to a free or low cost "upgrade".

If members are approached by any such organisation, please obtain from them any written information you can get with these claims, and pass it onto us so that we can take action to stop this behaviour.

The problem with this type of behaviour, is that credible programs designed to provide trade recognition to those working in the industry without a formal qualification, but with significant experience, or those returning to the industry after a long break on the tools are jeopardised. The Victorian Government recently cut funding by 50% to deter these types of organisations. It appears a cut in funding has simply incited them to market their wares more aggressively, while jeopardising legitimate training providers.

VACC recognises that there is a need for trade recognition programs and have provided this type of support to the industry over many years. It should never be as easy as ticking boxes on a form. Members expect that when someone achieves trade recognition, that the papers reflect a qualification standard recognised by industry.

Poorly conducted trade recognition schemes (or often referred to as RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning) means that the provider has accessed Government funds, and the recipient holds a qualification that may be lacking in credibility, or worse still, the recipient is not given the necessary training to meet the standard and is prevented from receiving any further government assistance in training.

Another member recently reported that as he was completing his registration/application form, he was asked to not include information about his qualifications. This is very serious, as the member did not realise that by excluding the information, he risked being accused of fraud.

Please contact the VACC Skills Development Centre on (03) 9829 1126, if you would like to undertake a trade recognition program or to report questionable activity.